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We create the foundation for the next generation of satellite internet access. Our unique RF technology increases the usable output power of a high-power amplifier by up to 4x, significantly enhancing the performance, energy efficiency and thus economics of demanding satellite links. Our unique technology unlocks higher frequency bands (mmWave) for Satcom data transmission, overcoming congestion issues in current frequencies. Thus, we enable satellite data connections with unprecedented bandwidth and ultra-low latency, laying the path for 6G and future applications like Autonomous Driving, Augmented Reality or Realtime IoT. Based on decades of experience our team possesses extensive know-how in mmWave technology across the most critical parts of the tech, stack-putting us in a unique position to build integrated and customized solutions for our customers. With our proprietary production site in Ottobrunn (GER), we have full control of the manufacturing process and benefit from fast iteration cycles and highest quality levels for our customers.


Be ready for satellite internet communication! There are only very few things underlying similar growth dynamics as the exponentially growing demand for global data bandwidth, fueled by numerous megatrends including Cloud, Big Data, AI, Streaming, an exploding number of connected devices and a whole generation of “mobile first” internet users. To address this demand, an increasing numbers of satellites including Non-geostationary (NGSO) satellites are being developed and deployed into space. Within the next decade, more than 50.000 low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites alone are expected to be launched into orbit. However, as demand for data increases worldwide, the ultimate constraint on expansion will be RF capacity. Based on many years of development of customized products for modern satellite communication, we offer high-power amplifier components both for traditional frequency bands as well as new ones like Ka-, Q- and V-band, increasing the capacity of the feeder links between satellites and the terrestrial network. Our products include:

Linearizers for TWTs and SSPAs

A common behavior of high-power amplifiers is their non-linearity, i.e., the signal quality deteriorates when operating at high power levels. Thus, these devices cannot be operated at their maximum output power. Our core technology, the Pre-Distortion Linearizer (PDL), significantly increases the linear output power of the amplifier: The module creates the inverted behavior of the high-power amplifier, counteracting the non-linearities of the amplifier and minimizing the distortion of the signal. As a result, the amplifier can be operated much closer to its maximum output power without affecting signal quality, thus with much higher energy efficiency and lower operating cost.


C-Band Linearizer


X-Band Linearizer


Ku-Band Linearizer


DBS-Band Linearizer


Ka-Band Linearizer


Ka-Band Linearizer SSPA


We are a fast-growing team pushing the boundaries of current satellite communications technology. We enjoy team spirit, flat hierarchies, an open mindset, a passion for innovation and a high level of independence. We are in a brand-new office building with a state-of-the-art laboratory and production facility. Reach out to us if you want to work on the next generation of satellite internet!

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